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Defending in Soccer - Tactics

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Important Defensive Tactics - Indoor or Outdoor Soccer

Some tidbits you may find helpful for your indoor (and outdoor) soccer team.  The field pictured here is of an indoor arena since it's winter in New Hampshire and I'm concentrating on indoor currently.  But these tactics largely can be moved outside to 8v8 or 11v11 depending on your age bracket.

If you are a coach or you are a parent with a child learning to play, you owe it to yourself to review these tactics on a regular basis with your team or your child.  Forwards oftentimes think that once they lose possession of the ball tht it's now up to the midfield and defense to win the ball back but nothing is further from the truth.  WE ALL ATTACK, WE ALL DEFEND.  If you get that in your team or your child's head early and often, they will become better soccer players.

Important Tactics for Defending in Soccer (for all players on the field as soon as your team loses possession):

1) If you aren't marking a player, someone's open for a pass
2) Stay between the player and your own goal
3) Keep your eyes on your man and the ball (head on swivel)
4) Don’t allow your man to run past you
5) The closer they get to the goal, the closer you get to them
6) Shoulder to shoulder when in your own box
7) Close down fast when the ball is in the air
8) Let your teammates know who you are marking by pointing
9) Avoid double teaming unless you have numbers
10) Don't dive in for the ball, they will easily get around you
11) Jockey with both feet well balanced under your shoulders
and in line with the opponent and your goal

This reduces open shots on goal and causes your opponent to pass under pressure, which is where the mistakes are made.

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