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Lark on WNHN Radio - Granite State of Mind

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Rob Azevedo, Granite State of Mind Host in Concord, NH was kind enough to ask us to play on the radio. If you are interested in listening to our spot, follow this link.

Lark on WNHN Radio

Lark - Our Band

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Here's a link to my band.

It has been fun playing in a band because it pushes me to actually practice. If I don't, others are depending on me so it keeps me on task. I've become a much better guitar player because of it.

It's also fun to play "gigs" occasionally. Even though sometimes I feel like I'm juggling too much, playing out in front of people allows me to experience a good kind of stress.

I think it's important to push myself outside my comfort zone because it makes me feel just a little more human, just a little more alive.


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