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New Sports Shoot Album Added!

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Yesterday I took several photos during a JV Girls soccer game

Kearsarge High School JV Girls Soccer @ Monadnock


Two New Soccer Shoots Added

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I was at two soccer events this past Saturday and took a few photos.

Kearsarge Girls Middle School "Soccer Jamboree" at Claremont, NH

Kearsarge Girls High School JV game at Fall Mountain High School in Langdon, NH

As the fall approaches, and we start to lose light (JV game), it's becomes very challenging to take action shots that look great.

Pentax Q Series - I'm Adding to My Wish List!

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I love the looks, the size and the funtionality of the Pentax Q series cameras.  The Q series has all the core features of a DSLR with some newer crafty, instagramish features built in.  The camera is also much smaller than the standard and bulky traditional DSLRs for those looking for easier portability.

One of the things I really like about it is that it has an heirloom quality to it.  I can totally see a grandchild opening an old bag or storage box 30 or 40 years from now and seeing this camera and feeling like they hit the jackpot.  It's solidly built and just seems durable.

Speaking of heirloom, with so many color combinations to choose from, if you picked something more unique, it would really stand alone.  Take a look below to see my favorite color combinations using Pentax's online Q7 designer.

Whether you pick up the original Pentax Q or last year's model Q7, or if you decide to splurg and pre-order your own custom colored Q10 (coming out in the fall of 2013), I really don't think you can go wrong.  Your kids will enjoy using it in fully auto mode, especially with the custom instagram-like filters built in and with the ability to purchase telephoto lenses and low light preformance, you can have confidence shooting indoors as well as your child's sporting events.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has one or is interested in purchasing one.

294 New Lacrosse Photos Added

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Kearsarge Girls High School Lacrosse vs Lebanon (away)One of my many hobbies is photography.  One of the biggest challenges for a photographer is taking action shots, especially sporting events outdoors where the sun constantly ducks in and out of the clouds all game.

Yesterday was just like that.  I ended up shooting 1084 photos combined between the varsity and junior varsity game and only keeping 294.


Photography by Vince Collins

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Photography by Vince CollinsI've been taking photos of sporting events recently and many parents and loved ones may want to find their kid's photo.  Because of this, I created a site for that.

"There's a Site For That!" ;)


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