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Photographing the Movement of Water

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While working on my Gile Pond Project, It was a particularly gloomy looking scene.  The only thing of interest seemed to be the movement of the water.  I experiemented a bit with shutter speeds and decided this was the best of the lot.  Faster speed and the waves were too defined, slower and they were just smeary.  This is a hand-held shot.  If I had a tripod, I might have been able to make a slower speed work pretty well.

Mirrored Trees

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I love these shots.  The lighting was almost perfect.  The pond was still.  The air was almost crystal clear.  The sky was interesting enough to add some drama in the reflection.

Click on the images to zoom.

A Fun Photo Experiment

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Today I showed up for my Gile Pond Project and the ice has not only melted, but it was completely still.  It made for some pretty awesome photos.  After I was done, I decided to have some fun by throwing a rock into the pond.

The first photo is of the rock just about to hit

Rock about to land in still pond.

The next photo is the splash.  I used a high shutter speed for this series (1/320).

Gile Pond Splash

The next one is a second or so after the splash to allow for a larger ripple effect to form.

Gile Pond Ripple

This final shot shows the purpose of the splash.  I wanted to see what the ripples did to the mirrored trees.  Beautiful! (CLICK ON IT TO VIEW A MUCH LARGER VERSION)

Mirrored trees with rippled effect.

Even though this is a contrived photograph in nature, it was a fun experiment that I may use in the future.  The key word here is fun, which is why I'm taking photos in the first place.

What do you think?


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