My name is Vincent Collins. Most everyone calls me Vince. I grew up in Merced, California and moved to New Hampshire in 1993.

I own my own business and by profession, I’m a web application developer. I started playing with website development back in 1995 and quickly discovered ColdFusion. This programming language changed my career path as I realized it could help me deliver dynamic content over the web. Learning I could create something interactive and share it with the world became the underpinnings of my business idea of providing a web-based job board for New Hampshire. was born from that idea and I haven’t looked back since.

My intentions with this blog is not grand. It’s just a way to communicate to my friends what I’m up to. I’m also hopeful that this blog will afford a chance to meet other Web Application developers. I always enjoy discussing opinions and ideas. It’s what makes web development and programming in general so much fun. The web allows us to share solutions with each other in real time even though we are countries apart. I know this is old news but let’s be clear here. My daughter and I recently had a conversation where I explained to her that in my lifetime, I had a black and white TV, listened to music on big black plastic discs and no, there wasn’t an Internet. Amazing…

There are many things that interest me. Web-application development, ColdFusion & SQL Server, Business Development, Self-Employment Discussions, Running, Photography, Parenting, and Coaching

If you happen to be looking for a Web Application developer or just need help with your website, feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs.

I want to encourage comments on this site. If I say something you agree or disagree with, please let me know. I’m happy to talk about it. I also want to say up front that I’m not an expert in any field. I’m just learning as I go and I’m happy to share my experiences along the way.

I hope you consider stopping by often,

Now, go ahead and post a comment and introduce yourself!

My Old Blog

I have been using wordpress for years and I love it.  However, because I'm so smitten with a ColdFusion-based blog called MangoBlog, I've decided to make the switch.  If you would like to read any of my past postings on my old wordpress blog, you can visit it here.  All future posts of mine will be on this blog - My Old Blog - My Current Blog