vince collins runs - adidas adizero green running shoes - ready set goOn January 1st, 2010, I was fat.

I had low energy and was less motivated.  I was not obeise, but at 6' 1" and 225lbs, I was fat enough to have to take a breath in order to bend down and tie my shoe.  I live in a 2 level home and every time I'd get to the second floor I was struggling to regain my breath.

I always enjoyed being active when I was a kid.  I rode my bike around everywhere.  I played pickup football or basketball games all the time with my friends.  Once my school days were over however, It seems I lost touch with being active.  Somehow I forgot how fun it was to get together with friends in an active, social way.  As my school days ended, work became my focus.

I've had a really good life up to this point.  I met the most wonderful person in my life and married her in '96.  We have two beautiful girls who are gowing up to be wonderful contributors to our world.  I'm very proud of that and I want to be around as long as I can in order to be a part of their lives.

How I woke up

There were a few external forces and events that changed my perspective on physical activity. 

I remember struggling for breath a few years ago after giving my youngest daughter a piggy back ride upstairs to tuck her in.  She wanted me to read her a book and I was embarrassed that I couldn't right away.  I told her I wanted to change into PJs first just so I could catch my breath.  I laughed it off with my wife but inside, I felt a bit of shame.

I also remember playing a game of golf with my friends and hitting my ball out of bounds, which was up the side of a hill and by the time I got to the top, I was light headed, huffing and puffing and sadly had to wait a couple minutes before I could make the shot.  The hill wasn't very big and certainly wasn't all that steep.

My youngest sister started running.  We live a long distance from each other and I really didn't know the extent of her dedication until I heard she was running in the upcoming San Diego half marathon.  That inspired me greatly and I was so proud of her for her will.

In the late summer of 2010, we were at an outdoor party and we ended up playing touch football with adults and kids alike.  We also played a couple games of soccer.  I had so much fun and it reminded me of what it was like to be a kid again.  I was clearly out of shape but the destraction of having fun was enough to make it worth it.

One day we invited a couple over for dinner and while playing Settlers of Catan which they taught us to play (I highly recommend you try it), we talked a little bit about running, which they both very much enjoyed to do.

All this happened in the course of a few months and because if it, I started thinking that maybe I should give it a try.

Time to make a change

By the end of 2010, after all those experiences, I decided I'd try to make a change.  I made a simple facebook post stating that my new years resolution was to weigh 185 (instead of 220) by the end of the year.  I had no idea how I was going to do it.

The next day, I co-founded an adult Co-ed Old School PE program in our town.  Mondays from 7-9pm we would play a variety of games such as indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey.  Anything to get our bodies moving in order to recreate the fun I experienced that day with friends the previous summer.  It has turned out to be a success and many people like me show up on a regular basis for it.

In April of 2011, I started to run.  Well, I say run but it was a trot/walk around my block and boy was I sore the next day.  A week later I tried it again and I trotted a little bit longer than I walked that time around.  I was still sore the next day but it was a good feeling.

With the combination of building on my runs and the continuing of my once a week Old School PE visits, over the course of the year I was able to shed 30+ lbs and I made my goal of weighing 185lbs.  Some weeks I run more than others but being physically active is truly a part of my life now and I'm so happy I made the change.

Read and follow along with me while I talk about my running experiences.