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I have been running now for just about two years (Jan 1st 2013 will be two years).  I have slimmed down from 225 lbs to 185lbs.  I've never felt better aside from the typical 44 year old aches and pains, which existed before I started running anyway.

I'm proud of my achievement and I look forward to many more years of life with exercise.  With that said, I've decided to add something to my regimne.  I've heard for years that juicing was a healthful way to introduce more vitamins, minerials and fiber to my diet so my wife and I are finally taking the plunge.

After reading many reviews and blogs, I decided to put a Champion Masticating Juicer (G5-PG710) under the christmas tree.  We will be complete newbies at this so any suggestions and recipies would be appreciated.

I'll post more about it once we open it for Christmas and start using it.


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  1. Joshua Says:
    So, how is the juicer working out for ya?
  2. Vincent Collins Says:
    The Juicer is working great. It's pretty straight forward to use and fairly easy to clean. All in all a great purchase. I have to admit however that while some of the juices are delicious, we have been lazy recently about doing it regularly. It was sort of a fad for the first month and has taken a back seat to life even though it's staring at us from our kitchen counter right now!

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