Almost Ran My Goal Distance Today

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Note to self, either were a GPS watch or map my route out ahead of time.  I was sure I had finally run my goal distance of 13.1 miles (Half Marathon).  Sadly, once I got home, caught my breath, had a glass of water and mapped the route out on Runkeeper, I realized I had only run 11.92 miles!  So close!  Oh well, there's always next time.

I didn't leave the house with the idea to run that far.  I didn't even bring water with me but the air was cool and damp and it was lightly sprinkling occasionally so I never felt like I needed any water so I ran and ran and ran until about an hour or so into it I realized I might have the energy to make the distance.  Man it felt good out there.  I walked only one time for about a minute and that was up one of the steepest hils in the last mile of my run so I'm really proud of today's run. 

Distance: 11.92 miles
Duration: 1:59:02 hours
Avg Pace: 9.59 minute mile
Climb: 690 ft
Calories: 1,750

I'm still running with the same pair of Adidas AdiZero that I bought 6 months ago and for the first time I'm feeling that the outer left foot sole might be wearing out a bit as it feels like the side of my foot might be riding up a bit on the wall of the shoe.  Not sure yet, could just be very tired feet from today's longest run.  I've put 468 miles on them to date.  Not sure what the life of an average shoe should be.  If you have suggestions, please let me know.


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