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Early on in my beginning days of running, my friend suggested I use the site  I'm so glad I tried it.

Track All My Runs

I don't own a GPS watch, something most serious runners (and some not-so-serious) seem to have these days.  But that's OK because with RunKeeper, I can easily plot out the route I took and it calculates the mileage and elevation gain and loss for me.  I just plug in the amount of time it took me and it also calculates my overall pace per mile.  I love that!

Save My Routine Runs

RunKeeper also allows me to create routes and save them.  That way I can just pull up that "map", add my run time and I'm done.  Doing this also allows me to pull up that route at any time and see all my past times ordered by the fastest to the slowest.  That's handy.  It also allows me the freedom to find new routes.  I can plot out a what if scenario and see the elevation and mileage to better help me decide if it's a good place to run or not.

Share With Friends

Similar to facebook and other social sites, RunKeeper allows me to share my progress with friends.  I can't tell you how much it means to have like-minded runners to talk to about running.  Some days I'm just not motivated to go for a run and then I read how a friend had a fantstic run that morning.  The next thing I know I'm out the door for the run i knew I needed.

Give it a Try

It's easy to sign up and if you know me, join my "Street Team".



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